What is Social Bookmarking in SEO

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Marketing, as we knew it once, is dying. Only those who adopt and adapt to new marketing technologies in the digital space will survive. Marketing content should always provide useful and relevant information. This is vital for building relationships with customers. And businesses are built on relationships. The more value you provide to customers, the stronger your relationships will be. Plus, you aren’t forcing your content on customers; you are giving them information they’re looking for.

The content you provide should be interesting enough for users to save and share it. And this is where social bookmarking comes into play.

Social bookmarking in SEO is the process of ‘bookmarking’ and sharing web pages, videos, articles, blogs, and other interesting content in the form of links. These links are maintained in one or more social bookmarking sites, which are websites that allow you to post and share content. Social bookmarking platforms identify as well as create trends based on what users are searching for and consuming.

Social bookmarking is similar to bookmarking pages on your browser. If you find any page or content interesting, you save or bookmark it. As you go on saving bookmarks, you create a virtual library of your interests. Similarly, social bookmarking sites help you to build a library of links that you can share with others.

How does social bookmarking work?

Social bookmarking is a user-directed process of organizing information. To create social bookmarking links, you have to log in to each bookmarking website, add your URL(s), meta tags, keywords, descriptions, and finally submit them. You can also see how many bookmarks you’ve created, organize them into categories, view how many people have seen your content, how many times it has been shared, and much more.

Social bookmarking requires you to plan your SEO strategy well. It sounds easy on paper but requires a lot of effort for execution. But the results are immensely satisfying! Your content gets a boost, your website gets tremendous traffic, and your search engine rankings zoom up.

Social bookmarking is a valuable sharing as well as research technique. Many people find information they need on bookmarking platforms rather than the actual sites themselves.

You may have come across some of the most popular social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or Mix (formerly Stumbleupon) or Delicious. The content you see on these websites is collected from across the internet and shared by other content creators and consumers. Posting your content on these sites will help generate traffic for your website and improve its page ranking. The key point is to share your content in as many bookmarking sites as possible.

Users only share content that they feel is interesting or engaging. So, use your creativity and write engaging content to make it sharable.

How to use social bookmarking to promote your business?

To use social bookmarking for your business, you have to,

  • Understand your target audience and create content that will interest them
  • Create content that is interesting as well as easy to read
  • Write eye-catching headlines that hint what the article is about
  • Use keywords that will bring your audience to your website/link

Social bookmarking is one of the best tools to build quality links on your website. Link building forms the backbone of traffic-generation. Having quality backlinks from reputed social bookmarking sites improves your credibility and helps you rank higher in search engines. These backlinks are ‘endorsements’ from websites stating that your content is interesting and genuine.

Other sources of backlinks include high PR directories, articles, press releases, etc. When you submit your website to a directory, it goes through a validation and approval process. Once the site editors approve, you get a backlink to your website. Here, the fate of your backlink lies with the site’s editor(s).

But with social bookmarking, you have the power!

The moment you press that submit button you get a backlink. By adding tags to your bookmark, you create additional backlinks. Therefore, from a single social bookmarking site, you can get anywhere between 1 and 20 backlinks.

Backlinks are useful only if you have unique, relevant, and quality content to back them up. Your goal is to get people to bookmark and share your content with their friends, peers, co-workers, family, and their online community.

Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to create buzz about your product or company. If you are looking to increase the number of visitors to your website, then sharing content on various social bookmarking sites should be in the top ten of your SEO checklist. If your SEO does not include social bookmarking, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. With solid social bookmarking SEO and content, there is a good chance your content will be featured on the top of the results page of search engines.

Creating relevant, quality, and useful content remains the foundation of any successful website. However, creating compelling content with rich keywords alone will not get you enough traffic. Start bookmarking your content today and watch your website grow.

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