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If there’s anything that a business needs to grow and thrive, it’s a strong online presence. Many small and medium businesses have found immense success by going digital. A user-friendly website, a clear outline of the company’s services coupled with a good SEO strategy can make a huge difference in both growth and revenue.

I am in the digital marketing game for over a decade. I’ve worked with some of top ecommerce websites in India and have created winning strategies for their growth. I have also engaged with start-ups and developed their entire digital marketing blueprint.

My strategy for SEO is simple – Analyse, Empathize, Create, And Engage; analyse the need, empathize with the user, create the service, and engage to build a lasting relationship.

My Digital Marketing Services at Affordable Prices

If you are one of these businesses that do not have a strong online presence and have absolutely no idea how to expand your digital footprint, I am here for you. I use advanced methods to assess your target audience and bring them to you. My strategies are tailored to your needs, goals, resources, and budget to get the most profit out of your services.

There aren’t many agencies who will offer freelance digital marketing in Bangalore. Most of them provide “packages” with services that you may or may not need. Later, you end up paying more for solutions that you could have used for a fraction of the price. That’s why I do a complete analysis of your website and business before suggesting any service.

Try my quick SEO services at affordable prices today.

Our services cover the following areas,

Keyword Research

Link Building

SEO Technical Audit

On-going SE0

You may already have a website and a digital strategy in place, but maybe you aren’t getting the results you expected. A lot of businesses face this problem. They assume that having a website and a brief SEO fling will keep their visitors coming indefinitely. Search engines regularly update their algorithms to make the web simpler and accessible to all users. Your website even if it was created 3 months ago may need an update or some improvement.

I offer SEO services even if you already have a digital marketing strategy. I will participate in your on-going SEO strategy, analyse what’s working and what’s not, and provide suggestions on what can be improved to offer better customer experiences, thus increasing conversions.

Google Ads

Google Ads are targeted advertisements that are directed to users looking for products and services that you offer. These ads can be in the form of product listings, service offerings, video ads, display ads, mobile advertising, and much more. When a user searches for something on the web that is relevant to your business, you can show them your ad and direct them to visit your website. If you are just starting out, you can promote your brand using Google Ads.

I have run hundreds of campaigns using Google Ads for my clients in various domains and have succeeded in helping them grow their business. My knowledge of Google Ads and SEO will push your website to the top of Google’s searches and make you a more visible brand.

Business Who Can Use My SEO Services

SEO and Digital Marketing are vital entities that can significantly improve the ranking of your website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While large organizations have dedicated Digital Marketing teams, the remaining end of the spectrum has to engage other ways to handle their digital marketing side of business.

Businesses that need a digital marketing strategy to start expanding and grow can utilize our full-range of services. I will provide end-to-end SEO solutions that includes website creation, content writing, competitor website analysis up to analytics and reporting. Businesses that already have a website and basic essentials online but are unable to tap into the right strategies can also consult us to get an effective solution to their online marketing woes.

My solutions portfolio covers the following businesses.

SEO for Small Scale Business in Bangalore

Small scale businesses such as cafes, fast food centres, organic food stores, hostels, PGs, cleaning services, day cares, etc. often don’t use the web to advertise their services. They usually depend on word-of-mouth or traditional marketing. Using my targeted SEO services, these businesses can scale up and improve their revenue.

SEO for Medium Scale Business in Bangalore

My SEO services are the best fit for many types of small- and medium-scale companies like BPOs, start-ups, manufacturing companies, warehouse services, schools and educational institutions, packers and movers, hospital networks, etc. While they may already have an online presence, having an SEO strategy will give their services a boost.

SEO for Local Business in Bangalore

A local business differs from a regional business, national business, or international business. These businesses cater to a local audience and do not need to reach out to a wider geography. However, they do require a good understanding of the local mindset in order to succeed. I offer a host of the best local SEO services for your business.

SEO for Ecommerce Business in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the major metropolitans in India, hosting and catering to a wide array of businesses. There are many ecommerce giants operating their services in Bangalore, mainly in the retail, IT, finance, and marketing sectors. So, whether you are start-up or an established ecommerce company in Bangalore, my SEO services will surely help your business grow.

Why to Choose My SEO Services

I have been a successful digital marketing executive and SEO strategist for over 8 years. I have applied my knowledge and skills of my trade to help businesses gain considerable online visibility, website traffic, and higher returns on investment. The businesses I’ve worked with have turned in profitable returns in a short span of time and they continue to grow using the strategies I’ve developed.

As a marketing executive, I have led internal teams and provided strategic guidance in many successful campaigns, both online and offline. I have also demonstrated my ability to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

My formidable team and I will bring the best of the best digital strategies to your table. So, if you’re searching for the best SEO service provider or a top digital marketing service in Bangalore, your search ends here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By hiring an SEO consultant, you eliminate the process of dealing with middle-men and managers and interact directly with the professional in-charge of your needs. Additionally, a consultant will charge you a lower fee than an agency, which helps you maintain your operational costs whilst getting end-to-end SEO solutions for your business.

I guarantee to provide effective solutions that will improve your SEO ranking, digital visibility, and website traffic. Furthermore, I also monitor and analyse your site on a regular basis to continuously maintain your online reputation.

SEO and Digital Marketing are processes that evolve over time. Results will vary from business to business, the goals you’ve set for your online strategy, and your budget. With the right analysis and SEO strategy, you should be able to see results fairly early.

My reports will offer monthly or weekly analysis of how your website is performing. A few parameters that’ll be included in the report are traffic via all online channels, conversion rates, page-level traffic, page speed, visitor browsing time, bounce rate, inbound and outbound links, and Google/SERP rankings.

Each business has different SEO needs and goals to achieve. Pricing depends on these requirements. Send an email to or call (+91) 98866 21210 for a customized quote.

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